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WGS Alumni

What can you do with a women's & gender studies degree?

Keep reading below to see what some of our Women's and Gender Studies as well as LGBTQ Studies students have done after graduating from MSU:

Founding an International Nonprofit: Naomi Kamitha

Naomi Kamitha graduated from Michigan State University with a double major in Women's & Gender Studies and International Relations. 

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Attending MSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine: Alisha Ungkuldee

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Researching LGBTQ Health Care & Policy: Jonathan Walkotten

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Specializing in Psychology of Trauma, Sexual Violence, & Health: Heba Afaneh

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Researching Contraceptive Access for Fat People and Studying in Canada: Katie Paulot


Pursuing a Masters in Global Studies: Kristin Mertz


Researching Sexual Violence and Studying in London: Simone Coverly


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