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The Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen), located in International Studies and Programs, administers three undergraduate programs:

GenCen also administers three affiliated Education Abroad programs:


Explore Women's and Gender Studies Courses:

WS102: Navigating Sex & Gender in Everyday Life

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WS307: Women of Color Feminisms

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WS351: Gendered Violence and Intersections of Power

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WS491: Current Issues in Reproductive Justice

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As part of WS 491 in Spring 2021, students completed a crowd-sourced global reproductive justice project. Students were divided into teams and charged with researching and reporting on reproductive justice within different global regions. Crucially, though, it was up to each team to then figure out how to divide their region, and how to define reproductive justice in a way that does not involve an imperialist, American-centric framework imposed on others. Teams worked in Zoom breakout rooms over multiple class periods to define and then start to research questions like: What would reproductive justice mean in, say, a South Asian context, and how do we center local voices in how we collect data to inform that research? In the following two weeks, student teams then presented their collective findings.

The final collection of presentations resulted in a 191-page product covering 37 countries and using over a hundred sources of research and data to inform these results. Read more about the project or download the complete collection of global reproductive justice presentations [pdf].

WS 424: Seminar in Queer Studies

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