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The Gendered Perspectives on International Development (GPID) Papers series is a peer-reviewed journal publication of scholarly work on the effects of international development policy and globalization on gender roles, gender relations, and sexuality.

GPID Papers are article-length manuscripts (9000-word max) by scholars from a broad range of disciplines, disseminating materials at a late stage of formulation that contribute new understandings of gendered roles and relations amidst economic, social, and political change. Individual papers in the series address a range of topics, such as gender, violence, and human rights; gender and agriculture; reproductive health and healthcare; gender and social movements; masculinities and development; and the gendered division of labor.

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Seeking Reviewers

We are always seeking qualified reviewers to peer-review submitted abstracts and accepted manuscripts. Reviewers that specialize in gender, sexuality, international development, and/or globalization, as well as those that are multi-lingual, are particularly sought.

If you are interest in becoming a GPID Reviewer, please email the following to the GPID Managing Editor at papers(at)

  • Reviewing experience (if applicable)
  • Primary discipline (i.e. Psychology)
  • Areas of interest (i.e. gender violence)
  • Year in graduate school (if applicable)
  • Your CV


GPID aims to promote research that contributes to gendered analysis of social change; to highlight the effects of international development policy and globalization on gender roles and relations; and to encourage new approaches to international development policy and programming.

History of GPID

Our original series, MSU’s WID Working Papers (1981-2008) was among the first scholarly publications dedicated to promoting research on the links between international development and women’s and gender issues. The transition to GPID Working Papers (2008-2018) recognized diverse processes of international development and globalization, and new directions in scholarship on gender relations. In 2018, we transitioned to GPID Papers to highlight the esteem associated with the series.

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