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Gender Journals

monk readingGendered Perspectives on International Development (GPID) Working Papers
GPID's Working Papers series publishes papers on a broad range of topics addressing the relationships between gender and global transformation. GPID invites article-length manuscripts of empirical studies and projects, theoretical analyses, and policy discussions, with particular emphasis on papers which bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice.


Advancing Women in Leadership
Advancing Women in Leadership's mission is to publish manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, and analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues in leadership. In doing so, the Journal aims to provide opportunities for scholarship that promotes a critical view on women's issues in transformative leadership, shining a spotlight on social justice and capacity building in a global society.

Gender in Management (GiM): An International Journal (Previously Women in Management Review)
aims to advance knowledge and practice in the area of gender in management and leadership by focusing upon empirical research, theoretical developments, practice and current issues in the international field. The Journal addresses broad-ranging social issues, not limited to political and legislative decisions, social and educational policy and economic factors, in its consideration of gender in management and leadership.

Communication Studies

Women & Language (W&L)
Women & Language, an international interdisciplinary research periodical, provides a feminist forum focused on issues of gender, communication, and language. W&L accepts submissions of scholarly articles that make conceptual and research contributions to the study of communication, language, and gender. Essays on current issues in the field as well as book reviews and reviews of digital media are welcome.

Women's Studies in Communication (WSIC)
WSIC provides a feminist forum for diverse scholarship addressing the relationships between communication and gender. WSIC invites contributions in the form of research, reviews, and commentary with the potential to advance our understanding of the intersections of gender and race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexuality, and class, as well as the articulations between gendered performances, power, and representation in public culture. Topically and methodologically inclusive, WSIC publishes quantitative, qualitative, and critical perspectives on areas including but not limited to interpersonal and organizational communication, performance studies, rhetorical theory and criticism, and media and cultural studies. The editor is committed to promoting the best work that falls within these parameters and also to encouraging the development of new voices and new projects that may challenge conventional boundaries, styles, theories, and methods of communication scholarship. Feminist studies taking up queer politics, masculinity, critical race theory, transnationalism, postcolonial theory, visual culture, and public memory are especially encouraged at this time.

Criminal Justice

Feminist Criminology (FC)
FC is an innovative journal dedicated to research related to women, girls, and crime within the context of a feminist critique of criminology. The official journal of the Division on Women and Crime of the American Society of Criminology, this international publication focuses on research and theory that highlights the gendered nature of crime.

Women & Criminal Justice
Women & Criminal Justice invites articles that critically examine the issues of crime, victimization and the criminal justice system as they pertain to differences among females and males, or as they pertain to the social and cultural construction of gender. Research papers that utilize qualitative and quantitative data analysis are welcomed, as are empirical papers that relate to global concerns for women as victims, offenders or practitioners in the field of criminal justice.

Development Issues

Gender & Development
Each issue of Gender & Development focuses on a key topic of interest to those involved in promoting gender equality through development. An up-to-the-minute overview of the topic is followed by a range of articles from researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. Insights from development initiatives across the world are shared and analyzed, and theoretical concepts, and their uses for policy and practice, are explored. Each issue includes an up-to-date resource section listing publications, electronic resources, and organizations. Please contact the editor for information about upcoming topics and your proposal for a possible contribution.

Gender, Technology and Development
Gender, Technology and Development is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed journal serving as a forum for exploring the linkages among changing gender relations, technological change and developing societies. The Journal's main focus is on the shifting boundaries and meanings of gender, technology and development, addressing transnational phenomena and engaging in dialogues that cut across geographical boundaries. Book reviews, NGO profiles, and news bulletins relating to issues of gender and technology are published in addition to articles.


Feminist Economics
Feminist Economics is a peer-reviewed journal that provides an open forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic perspectives. By opening new areas of economic inquiry, welcoming diverse voices, and encouraging critical exchanges, the Journal enlarges and enriches economic discourse. The goal of Feminist Economics is not just to develop more illuminating theories but to improve the conditions of living for all children, women, and men.


Resources for Feminist Research / Documentation sur la recherche féministe (RFR/DRF)
RFR/DRF is an academic, peer reviewed journal of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and research. RFR/DRF publishes critical work that addresses a broad range of issues relevant to feminist theory and activism in Canada and internationally. We encourage the submission of research that analyzes how gender, sexuality, race, dis/ability, ethnicity, nationality and class affect the conditions of people’s lives.

Gender and Education
Gender and Education grew out of feminist politics and is committed to developing critical discussions of gender and education in its broadest sense. The Editors are actively committed to making the journal an interactive platform that includes global perspectives on education, gender and culture. The Journal is particularly interested in the place of gender in relation to other key social differences and seeks to further feminist knowledge, theory, consciousness, action and debate. Submissions to the Journal should examine and theorize the interrelated experiences of women and girls, men and boys, and how these shape and are shaped by other social differences. 

Ethnic Studies

Indian Journal of Gender Studies
The Indian Journal of Gender Studies is a peer-reviewed journal. It aims at providing a holistic understanding of society. Its objective is to encourage and publish research, analysis and informed discussion on issues relating to gender. Often, contributions challenge existing social attitudes and academic biases that obstruct a holistic understanding of the role of the family, particularly of its women members, community and a wider polity.

Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context
Placed at the junction of historical and contemporary concerns, Intersections emphasizes the paramount importance of research into Asia's multiple historical and cultural gender patterns—patterns which are crucial for the understanding of contemporary globalized Asian societies, where identities and social relations are constantly being negotiated against the background of dominant narratives.

JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies
JENdA is an award-winning peer-reviewed journal which focuses on social, political, economic, and cultural concepts and categories that shape the lives of women in different African societies. It examines the strategies women have utilized to grapple with global, regional and local economic constraints; and how they have negotiated global boundaries in the context of work, trade, immigration, identity formation as they sought a better life for their family. JENdA initiates and responds to debates on and about women in social, cultural, political, and economic systems. It creates a forum for African women scholars, analysts and activists to participate on an equal footing with their contemporaries worldwide in debates, exchanges of ideas, and the creation and documentation of knowledge.

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies (JMEWS)
JMEWS is the official publication of the Association for Middle East Women's Studies. Its purpose is to advance the fields of Middle East women's studies, gender studies, and Middle East studies through contributions from multiple disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Located at the cutting edge of the new scholarship in Middle East women's studies, JMEWS provides a forum in which area-specific questions are discussed and debated among authors from the global north and south. It reflects the explosion of knowledge production about Middle Eastern women and gender over the past several decades and publishes research informed by transnational feminist, masculinity, and modern historical studies, new forms of ethnography, and the emergent intersections of science, technology, and philosophy. JMEWS provides a forum in which area-specific questions can be discussed and debated among authors from around the globe, through scholarly articles, book and film reviews, and other forms of communication.

Meridians provides a forum for the finest scholarship and creative work by and about women of color in US and international contexts. The Journal recognizes that feminism, race, transnationalism, and women of color are contested terms and engages in a dialogue across ethnic and national boundaries, as well as across traditional disciplinary boundaries in the academy. The goal of Meridians is to make scholarship by and about women of color central to contemporary definitions of feminism.

NORA: Nordic Journal of Women's Studies
NORA is a multi-disciplinary journal of Nordic feminist and gender research. Its purpose is to provide a Nordic perspective on an international research field and to make feminist and gender research located in and/or relevant to the Nordic countries visible internationally. As an English-language journal, NORA is committed to situating and mapping the breadth and depth of Nordic feminist and gender research today, so that it is seen both in transnational dialogue and in connection with other fields. To this end, NORA publishes articles, position papers and review essays of interdisciplinary interest that combine international dialogues with specifically Nordic materials, topics, methodologies and theory formations.


Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography
The aim of Gender, Place & Culture is to provide a forum for debate in human geography and related disciplines on theoretically-informed research concerned with gender issues. It also seeks to highlight the significance of such research for feminism and women's studies. The editors seek articles based on primary research that address: the particularities and intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, age, (dis)ability, sexuality, class, culture and place; feminist, anti-racist, critical and radical geographies of space, place, nature and the environment; feminist geographies of difference, resistance, marginality and/or spatial negotiation; and, critical methodology.


Gender & History
Gender & History is the major international journal for research and writing on the history of femininity and masculinity and of gender relations. Spanning epochs and continents, Gender & History examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts. The Journal publishes rigorous and readable articles both on particular episodes in gender history and on broader methodological questions which have ramifications for the discipline as a whole.

Journal of the History of Sexuality
The Journal of the History of Sexuality illuminates the history of sexuality in all its expressions, recognizing various differences of class, culture, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Spanning geographic and temporal boundaries, JHS provides a much-needed forum for historical, critical, and theoretical research in this field. Its cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary character brings together original articles and critical reviews from historians, social scientists, and humanities scholars worldwide.

Journal of Women's History
The Journal of Women's History is the first journal devoted exclusively to the international field of women's history. It publishes cutting-edge scholarship from around the globe in all historical periods. The Journal also promotes comparative and transnational methods and approaches to historical constructions of gender as they shape and are in turn shaped by women's experiences.

Women's History Review
Women's History Review is an international journal whose aim is to provide a forum for the publication of new scholarly articles in the field of women's history. The time span covered by the journal includes the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries as well as earlier times. The Journal seeks to publish contributions from a range of disciplines (for example, women's studies, history, sociology, cultural studies, media studies, film studies, literature, anthropology, politics, social policy and philosophy) that further feminist knowledge and debate about women and/or gender relations in history. We welcome a variety of approaches from people from different countries and backgrounds. In addition to main articles the journal also publishes shorter 'Viewpoints' that are possibly based on the life experiences, ideas and views of the writer and may be more polemical in tone. A substantial Book Reviews section is normally included in each issue. All research articles published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.


Advancing Women in Leadership Online
Advancing Women in Leadership's mission is to publish manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, and analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues in leadership. In doing so, the Journal aims to provide opportunities for scholarship that promotes a critical view on women's issues in transformative leadership, shining a spotlight on social justice and capacity building in a global society.

Body & Society
Body & Society is dedicated to the publication of contemporary empirical and theoretical work from a wide range of disciplines focusing on social and cultural analysis of the human body. Concerns include debates within feminism, technology, ecology, postmodernism, medicine, ethics, and consumerism, which take the body as the central analytic issue.

differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies
differences established a critical forum where the problematic of differences is explored in texts ranging from the literary and the visual to the political and social. differences highlights theoretical debates across the disciplines that address the ways concepts and categories of difference—notably but not exclusively gender—operate within culture.

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy 
Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy is an interdisciplinary publication devoted to the discussion of gender issues in the context of law and public policy.

European Journal of Women's Studies
The European Journal of Women's Studies is a quarterly published, interdisciplinary forum devoted to European feminist scholarship. The Journal presents the latest stand of gender theory and feminist scholarship internationally, contributing to debates from a European perspective. The Journal provides a platform for different theoretical and methodological approaches and a diversity of feminist perspectives. Conference reports, reviews, short topical and polemical pieces, and overviews of the state of women's studies in European countries are welcome for submission in addition to articles.

Feminist Formations
Feminist Formations is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal publishing groundbreaking work by scholars, activists, and practitioners in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. Its subject matter includes national as well as global and transnational feminist thought and practice, the cultural and social politics of genders and sexualities, historical and contemporary studies of gendered experience, agency, and activism, and other established and emerging lines of feminist inquiry. Feminist Formations showcases new feminist theoretical formations, cultivating a common forum where feminists can articulate theory, activism, and education.

Feminist Review
Feminist Review is an interdisciplinary publication, playing a key role in interrogating and re-shaping feminisms in changing political landscapes. The Journal combines the intersectionality of ethnicity, gender, race, class, and sexuality with a socialist concern for the socio-economic realities of women's lives. Articles and short pieces are invited for submission, as are ideas for special themed issues.

Feminist Studies
Feminist Studies is committed to publishing an interdisciplinary body of feminist knowledge that sees intersections of gender with racial identity, sexual orientation, economic means, geographical location, and physical ability as the touchstone for our politics and our intellectual analysis. Whether work is drawn from the complex past or the shifting present, the articles and essays that appear in Feminist Studies address social and political issues that intimately and significantly affect women and men in the United States and around the world.

Feminist Theory
Feminist Theory is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for critical analysis and constructive debate within feminism. Feminist Theory is genuinely interdisciplinary and reflects the diversity of feminism, incorporating perspectives from across the broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences and the full range of feminist political and theoretical stances.

Frontiers is one of the premier publications in the field of feminist and gender studies. Frontiers has distinguished itself for its diverse and decisively interdisciplinary publication agenda that explores the critical intersections among—to name a few dimensions—gender, race, sexuality, and transnationalism. Many landmark articles in the field have been published in Frontiers, thus critically shaping the fields of women's, gender, and sexuality studies.

Gender & Society
Gender & Society is a peer-reviewed journal, focused on the study of gender. It is the official journal of Sociologists for Women in Society, and was founded in 1987 as an outlet for feminist social science. Currently, it is a top-ranked journal in both sociology and women's studies. Articles appearing in Gender & Society analyze gender and gendered processes in interactions, organizations, societies, and global and transnational spaces. The Journal primarily publishes empirical articles, which are both theoretically engaged and methodologically rigorous, including qualitative, quantitative, and comparative-historical methodologies. Gender & Society also publishes reviews of books from a diverse array of social science disciplines.

Gender, Work & Organization (GWO)
Gender, Work & Organization promotes awareness of gender as a central feature of all aspects of everyday life, especially in the field of work and organization. GWO welcomes theory-driven papers or empirical papers that go beyond mere description, using data as a means of advancing, or reflecting upon theory. GWO publishes papers which are; sophisticated in theoretical, epistemological and methodological content; mature in their engagement of sociological and/or gender theory; engaged with a broad body of international scholarship and highly developed conceptually. As such, we aim to provide a forum for papers that go beyond a traditional oppositional-binary concept of gender. This interdisciplinary and international journal fosters research, debate, analysis, and theory formation through publication of critical and scholarly articles and book reviews.

Journal of Gender Studies
The Journal of Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary journal which publishes articles relating to gender and sex from a feminist perspective covering a wide range of subject areas including the Social, Natural and Health Sciences, the Arts, Humanities, Literature and Popular Culture. We seek articles from around the world that examine gender and the social construction of relationships among genders. As a journal with a broad disciplinary readership we aim to publish papers accessible to this readership.

Journal of International Women's Studies
The Journal of International Women's Studies is an online, open-access, peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationship between feminist theory and various forms of organizing. The Journal seeks both multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, and invites submissions in the form of scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, and works of fiction. In addition, the Journal supports multimedia submissions through streaming audio capability, embedded video, and links to video sites to display short films and other visual materials. Through its diverse collection, the Journal aims to create an opportunity for building bridges across the conventional divides of scholarship and activism; "western" and "third world" feminisms; professionals and students; men and women. Toward this end, the editors welcome your constructive and insightful comments in response to our publications.

Men and Masculinities (JMM)
Men and Masculinities offers high-quality, interdisciplinary research in the emerging field of men and masculinities studies. JMM presents peer-reviewed empirical and theoretical scholarship grounded in the most current theoretical perspectives within gender studies, including feminism, queer theory and multiculturalism. Using diverse methodologies, JMM's articles explore the evolving roles and perceptions of men across society.

Minerva Journal of Women and War
Minerva Journal of Women and War is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed scholarly journal that examines the roles of women in war and the ways that conflict affects women's lives. Minerva Journal of Women and War publishes ground-breaking articles in military history while emphasizing the study of contemporary issues from a range of disciplinary approaches, including political and international relations, sociology, anthropology, women's studies, war studies, peace studies and cultural studies. Manuscript submissions on all aspects of women and war are encouraged.

Sexualities is an established international journal and an invaluable resource, publishing articles, reviews and scholarly comment on the shifting nature of human sexualities. The Journal adopts a broad, interdisciplinary perspective covering the whole of the social sciences, cultural history, cultural anthropology and social geography, as well as feminism, gender studies, cultural studies and lesbian and gay studies. Sexualities publishes work of an analytic and ethnographic nature which describes, analyses, theorizes and provides a critique on the changing nature of the social organization of human sexual experience in the late modern world.

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
A leading international journal of women's studies, Signs is at the forefront of new directions in feminist scholarship. The Journal publishes path breaking articles, review essays, comparative perspectives, and retrospectives of interdisciplinary interest addressing gender, race, culture, class, nation, and sexuality. Special issue and section topics cover a broad range of geopolitical processes, conditions, and effects; cultural and social configurations; and scholarly and theoretical developments.

Violence Against Women (VAW)
Violence Against Women is a peer-reviewed and published monthly, is an international, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of research and information on all aspects of the problem of violence against women. VAW assumes a broad definition of violence; topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, sexual harassment, female infanticide, female circumcision, and female sexual slavery.

What the F Magazine
What the F Magazine is a feminist organization based on the University of Michigan's campus that engages with the fight towards equality in a multitude of ways. Each semester, What the F publishes print magazines that include a wide variety of writing styles, voices, and artistic expressions. They also run a continuous blog where writers and artists can react to issues instantly and continuously. 

Women: A Cultural Review
Women: A Cultural Review explores the role and representation of gender and sexuality in arts and culture, with a particular focus on the contemporary world. The Journal analyses the theory and politics of sexual difference in literature, the media, history, education, law, philosophy, psychoanalysis and the performing and visual arts.

Women & Environments International (WEI) Magazine
Women & Environments International Magazine examines women's multiple relations to their environmentsnatural, built and socialfrom feminist and anti-racist perspectives. It has provided a forum for academic research and theory, professional practice and community experience since 1976.

Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory
Women & Performance seeks scholarly essays on performance, dance, film, new media, and the performance of everyday life from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives. We encourage dialogues between varied fields of performance scholarship (i.e., performance studies; dance, and music history and criticism; ethnography; new media, cinema, and cultural studies; as well as queer and postcolonial theory), and explore critiques of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, technology, and nation. The Journal is a peer-reviewed, tri-annual publication with guest edited special issues and encourages general submissions that foreground themes of gender and performance and proposals for special issues that address specific topics within feminism and performance studies.

Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal (WSPAJ)
Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to advancing the understanding of women in sport and physical activity. This established journal publishes articles related to women's sport and physical activity across the full range of disciplinary perspectives. WSPAJ aims to facilitate opportunities for girls and women to enjoy and benefit from sports and other physical activities. Original research using varied methodologies as well as theoretical papers, reviews, practical articles, and commentaries will be considered for publication.

Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Women's Studies provides a forum for the presentation of scholarship and criticism about women in the fields of literature, history, art, sociology, law, political science, economics, anthropology and the sciences. It also publishes poetry, film and book reviews.

Women's Studies International Forum
The Women's Studies International Forum is a bimonthly journal to aid the distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary, international area of women's studies and in feminist research in other disciplines. The policy of the Journal is to establish a feminist forum for discussion and debate. We seek contributions from people, individually or collectively, from different countries and different backgrounds, who are engaged in feminist research inside or outside formal educational institutions. We welcome a variety of approaches and resources through the whole range of disciplines: papers geared toward action-oriented research as well as those which address theoretical methodological issues; and we encourage historical reassessments of the lives and works of women.

Women's Studies Quarterly (WSQ)
Women's Studies Quarterly is an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of emerging perspectives on women, gender, and sexuality. Its thematic issues focus on such topics as Activisms, The Global and the Intimate, The Sexual Body, Trans-, Technologies, and Mother, combining psychoanalytic, legal, queer, cultural, technological, and historical work to present the most exciting new scholarship on ideas that engage popular and academic readers alike. WSQ is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published twice a year in June and December. Along with scholarship from multiple disciplines, it showcases fiction and creative nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, and the visual arts.

Legal Studies

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (CJWL)
The Canadian Journal of Women and the Law is the only Canadian periodical devoted entirely to the publication and dissemination of multidisciplinary scholarship in the expanding field of women's legal studies. The Journal promotes the expansion of women's legal scholarship into new areas of research and study, and it aims to increase the volume and improve the accessibility of legal scholarship by Canadian women, on specifically Canadian topics. Finally, the CJWL seeks to provide an important tool for activists, academics and others engaged in research and law reform efforts on behalf of women.

Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender
The Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender is home to groundbreaking legal research, the only annotated legal bibliography of its kind and an annual Symposium covering themes such as the Innocence Project, education, religion, sexuality, marriage and the law, reproductive justice, environmental considerations for women and families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, human trafficking, and intersex issues.

The Columbia Journal of Gender & Law (CJGL)
CJGL publishes articles that express an expansive view of feminist jurisprudence, embracing issues relating to women and men of all races, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, and cultures. The Journal also publishes a considerable amount of international scholarship on gender and law. Articles, essays, comments, book reviews, and letters are invited for submission. The Journal also has the distinction of being our nation's only publisher of a gender-related annotated legal bibliography.

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
The Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary publication devoted to a discussion of gender, sexuality, race, and class in the context of law and public policy. The mission of this journal is to foster debate, to publish work largely overlooked by other law reviews, and to encourage scholarship outside the bounds of conventional law school curricula.

Feminist Legal Studies
Feminist Legal Studies is committed to an international perspective and to the promotion of feminist work in all areas of law, legal theory and legal practice. The Journal publishes material in a range of formats, including articles, essay reviews, interviews, book reviews and notes on recent legal developments. The editorial board encourages the submission of papers from people working outside the academy, as well as from researchers in any discipline. The Journal publishes critical,interdisciplinary, theoretically engaged feminist scholarship relating to law (broadly conceived). It has a particular interest in work that extends feminist debates and analysis by reference to critical and theoretical approaches and perspectives.

The Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law
The mission of the the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law is to explore the impact of gender, sexuality, and race on both the theory and practice of law. This journal seeks to complement the work being done by existing feminist journals while expanding inquiries into the intersections between gender, sexuality, race, and the law.

Harvard Journal of Law & Gender (JLG)
The Harvard Journal of Law & Gender is the nation's oldest continuously publishing feminist law journal.  The JLG is devoted to the advancement of feminist jurisprudence and the study of law and gender. By combining political, economic, historical, sociological, and legal perspectives, we seek to clarify legal issues that have gendered aspects and implications, and to confront new challenges to full social equality. Our journal also explores the interconnections between race, class, sexuality, and gender in the law. The JLG publishes argument and analysis related to gender and the law, feminist jurisprudence, and social equity. Articles, recent developments, essays, and book reviews from the legal and nonlegal communities that approach gender as an axis of power within law and throughout society are invited for submission.

Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law
The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law publishes papers addressing social and political equality under the law. Gender plays a unique role in the formation of social policy, as well as the administration and development of the law. The Journal hope that a holistic approach to legal analysis will promote the empowerment of all individuals in our society and strengthen the role of progressive perspectives in mainstream legal scholarship. The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law welcomes submissions of articles, comments, notes, and book reviews.

The Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality: A Review of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Law (Formerly Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues)
Law & Sexuality is the first and only student-edited law review in the country devoted solely to covering legal issues of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community on a wide variety of subjects, including constitutional, employment, family, health, insurance, and military law. The Journal addresses all of these issues and more with theoretical and practical articles by academicians, practitioners, and students. This journal is published annually and has broad national and international circulation.

Michigan Journal of Gender & Law
The Michigan Journal of Gender & Law is a feminist legal publication that will help expand and develop legal discourse beyond traditional boundaries. The Journal is dedicated to providing a forum for exploring how gender issues (and related issues of race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, and culture) impact law and society. The Journal seeks to compare, contrast, and combine theoretical and practical perspectives on gender issues in order to provide a bridge between theory and practice. To achieve these purposes, the Journal publishes the views of legal scholars, social scientists, practitioners, students and others. The Journal is committed to representing a broad range of perspectives, however unconventional or unpopular they may be.

Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice (RLAWS)
The Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice promotes the discussion and examination of issues lying at the intersection of gender, social justice and the law. We publish legal narrative and analyses of case law and legislation in order to promote a greater understanding of the law's interaction with gender, effect on historically stigmatized groups, and potential as an instrument of positive social change. This analysis may borrow from the perspective of many disciplines, including history, sociology, psychology, theology, political science and literature.

Texas Journal of Women and the Law (TJWL)
The Texas Journal of Women and the Law is an innovative, student-edited journal dedicated to publishing legal scholarship that explores the intersection of culture, race, and socio-economics with gender. We celebrate the advances made by advocates and seek to enhance the relationship between theoretical and practical perspectives by promoting discourse on gender and the law issues. Submissions of theoretical or practical work, including articles, notes, reviews, essays, and symposium pieces, are encouraged.

Media Studies

Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies
Camera Obscura provides a forum for scholarship and debate on feminism, culture, and media studies. The Journal encourages contributions in areas such as the conjunctions of gender, race, class, and sexuality with audiovisual culture; new histories and theories of film, television, video, and digital media; and politically engaged approaches to a range of media practices.

Feminist Media Studies
Feminist Media Studies provides a transdisciplinary, transnational forum for researchers pursuing feminist approaches to the field of media and communication studies, with attention to the historical, philosophical, cultural, social, political, and economic dimensions and analysis of sites including print and electronic media, film and the arts, and new media technologies. Feminist Media Studies especially encourages submissions based on original, empirical inquiry of the social experiences of audiences, citizens, workers, etc. and how these are structured by political, economic and cultural circumstances. The Journal invites contributions from feminist researchers working across a range of disciplines and conceptual perspectives.

Media Report to Women
Media Report to Women provides information on all types of media and the way they depict women and issues of interest to women, how audiences respond to those images, and the effect they have on women and girls, men and boys.

Medicine/Health Issues

American Journal of Men's Health (AJMH)
The American Journal of Men's Health is a core resource for cutting-edge information regarding men's health and illness. The editor invites papers from all health, behavioral, and social disciplines, including original articles, research briefs, editorials, health policy and legislative updates, legal and ethical perspectives, practice guidelines, case reports, media reviews, and news regarding upcoming symposia, conferences, and other related events.

Archives of Women's Mental Health
Archives of Women's Mental Health is the official journal of the Marce Society and the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology (NASPOG). The exchange of knowledge between psychiatrists and obstetrician-gynecologists is one of the major aims of the journal. Its international scope includes psychodynamics, social and biological aspects of all psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders in women. The editors especially welcome interdisciplinary studies, focusing on the interface between psychiatry, psychosomatics, obstetrics and gynecology.

Gender Medicine (Discontinued)
Gender Medicine, the official peer-reviewed journal of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, focuses on the impact of sex and gender on normal human physiology and the pathophysiology and clinical features of disease. The Journal serves an international multidisciplinary audience in a mixture of academic and clinical practice settings.

Health Care for Women International
Health Care for Women International provides a unique interdisciplinary approach to health care and related topics that concern women around the globe. Published twelve times a year, Health Care for Women International includes the newest research, theories, and issues in the fields of public health, social science, health care practice, and health care policy. Scholars and practitioners address topics such as cultural differences, alternative lifestyles, domestic violence, public health issues associated with the aging of the population, maternal morbidity and mortality, infectious diseases, and a host of other gender-based ethical issues. The editor also encourages discussion topics, inviting readers to comment on articles that focus on specific aspects of health issue for women.

International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (IPSRH)
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health provides the latest peer-reviewed research on sexual and reproductive health in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. The Journal emphasizes contraception; fertility; adolescent pregnancy; abortion; family planning policies and programs; sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS; and reproductive, maternal and child health. Staff-written summaries help you keep up with new developments in the field, while special reports, comments and viewpoints inspire new approaches to shared problems. All research articles include summaries in Spanish and French.

Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
The Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association is the first peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal devoted entirely to the healthcare needs of the lesbian and gay male, bisexual, and transgendered populations. The Journal serves as a scientific forum for the presentation of data on the health needs of these populations and issues germane to them. Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association publishes a wide variety of clinical research, review articles, and nonfiction essays and reflects the varied healthcare needs of the 'population under study'. Topics will include both medical and mental health illness in adult and adolescent populations. This journal is the official publication of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Journal of Women & Aging
Through a variety of disciplines and a blend of scholarly and clinical articles, the Journal of Women & Aging provides practitioners, educators, researchers, and administrators with a comprehensive guide to the unique challenges facing women in their later years. Articles which present the most current and complete information available on the social, psychological, and health care and human service needs of women as they age are encouraged.

Journal of Women's Health
Journal of Women's Health is the primary source of information for meeting the challenges of providing optimal health care for women throughout their lifespan. The Journal delivers cutting-edge advancements in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic protocols for the management of diseases, and innovative research in gender-based biology that impacts patient care and treatment.

Women & Health
Women & Health contains information that is eminently useful to researchers, policy planners, and all providers of health care for women. The Journal covers findings from studies concerning health and illness and physical and psychological well-being of women, as well as the environmental, lifestyle, and sociocultural factors that are associated with health and disease, which have implications for prevention, early detection and treatment, limitation of disability, and rehabilitation. Features include original research articles, contributed critical, systematic research reviews, women's health policy research, systematic historical research on women's health, and book reviews.

Women's Health and Urban Life: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal (Discontinued)
Women's Health and Urban Life
 addresses a wide range of topics that directly or indirectly affect both the physical and mental health of girls, teenage and adult women living in urban or urbanizing pockets of the world. The orientation of the journal is critical, feminist and social scientific. The Journal accepts both quantitative and qualitative, and both theoretical and empirical articles.


Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture
Women and Music, an annual journal of scholarship about women, music, and culture, is a publication of the International Alliance for Women in Music. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines and approaches, this journal seeks to further the understanding of the relationships among gender, music, and culture, with special attention to the concerns of women.


Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
Hypatia is a forum for cutting edge work in feminist philosophy. Hypatia's commitment to the development of feminist philosophy entails that, in all its policies and practices, Hypatia actively reflect and engage the diversity within feminism itself, the diverse experiences and situations of women, and the diverse forms that gender takes across the globe. Promoting diversity within feminist philosophy and philosophy in general is thus one of Hypatia's core objectives. We are committed to publishing articles that are broadly accessible. Hypatia serves as a resource for the wider women's studies community, for philosophers generally, and for all those interested in philosophical issues raised by feminism.

Political Science

International Feminist Journal of Politics
International Feminist Journal of Politics is a unique cross-cultural and international forum to foster debate and dialogue at the intersection of international relations, politics and women's studies. Developed by a team of leading feminist scholars, this journal brings together some of the most influential figures in the field to build a global critical community of writers and readers. This journal features research on women, gender relations and sexuality.

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy
The Journal of Women, Politics & Policy explores women and their roles in the political process, covering voters, activists, and leaders in interest groups and political parties, as well as office holders in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government (including the increasingly relevant international bodies such as the European Union and the World Trade Organization).This multidisciplinary, international journal presents the work of social scientists—including political scientists, sociologists, economists, and public policy specialists—who study the world through a gendered lens and uncover how gender functions in the political and policy arenas. Throughout, the Journal places a special emphasis on the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, class, and other dimensions of women's experiences.

Politics & Gender
Politics & Gender aims to represent the full range of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women across the major subfields of political science, including comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and U.S. politics. The Editors welcome studies that address fundamental questions in politics and political science from the perspective of gender difference, as well as those that interrogate and challenge standard analytical categories and conventional methodologies.

Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society
Social Politics is the journal for incisive analyses of gender, politics and policy across the globe. It takes on the critical emerging issues of our age: globalization, transnationality and citizenship, migration, diversity and its intersections, the restructuring of capitalisms and states. We engage with feminist theoretical issues and with theories of welfare regimes, "varieties of capitalism," the ideational and cultural turns in social science, governmentality and postcolonialism. We are looking for articles that engage in this exciting mix of debates that will be of interest to our multidisciplinary and international audience.


Archives of Women's Mental Health
Archives of Women's Mental Health is the official journal of the Marce Society and the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology (NASPOG). The exchange of knowledge between psychiatrists and obstetrician-gynecologists is one of the major aims of the journal. Its international scope includes psychodynamics, social and biological aspects of all psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders in women. The editors especially welcome interdisciplinary studies, focusing on the interface between psychiatry, psychosomatics, obstetrics and gynecology.

Feminism & Psychology
Feminism & Psychology is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for debate at the interface between feminism and psychology. The Journal's principal aim is to foster the development of feminist theory and practice in and beyond psychology. It publishes high-quality original research, theoretical articles, and commentaries.

Gender and Behaviour
Gender and Behaviour is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to articles that reflect psychological and behavioural aspects of gender in general. Gender and Behaviour welcomes scholarly manuscripts from authors all over the world on a wide array of subjects concerning psychological and behavioural aspects of gender in general.

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy
The Journal of Feminist Family Therapy provides an international forum to further explore the relationship between feminist theory and family therapy theory and practice. The Journal presents thought-provoking and insightful articles of a theoretical nature, as well as articles focusing on empirical research and clinical application. The Journal of Feminist Family Therapy: critiques family therapy concepts from a feminist perspective with careful attention to cultural, class, and racial differences, applies a feminist-sensitive perspective to the treatment issues particular to women such as depression, agoraphobia, eating disorders, incest, and domestic abuse, explores the implications of a feminist approach to training and supervision in family therapy, examines the field of family therapy and its organization and institutional structure from a feminist perspective, describes clinical applications of feminist-informed treatment in family therapy.

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health
The Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health seeks out and publishes the most current clinical and research scholarship on LGBT mental health with a focus on clinical issues. The Journal strives to represent the full breadth of LGBT mental health treatment, including issues relevant to patients and mental health care providers in all types of settings.  Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health also strives to cover the full spectrum of sexual and gender minority populations -- lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and gender-queer. This peer-reviewed journal emphasizes original research articles, critical reviews of the literature, reports of innovative programs for LGBT mental health care training and delivery, and case reports that advance our understanding of LGBT mental health.

Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling
The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling provides a professional forum for research, best practices, and emerging trends and issues relating to counseling the GLBT community. Rather than narrowing the focus on a particular approach for treatment or a specific topic, this journal encompasses all aspects of LGBT counseling for youth as well as adults—with attention to the prevention of problems and the fulfillment of human potential at all stages of life.

Religious Studies

Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal (Discontinued)
is a showcase for the creative work of Jewish feminists. It brings together the traditional Jewish values of justice and tikkun olam ("healing the world") with insights honed by the feminist, lesbian, and gay movements. It provides a place in which Jews, feminists, and activists can exchange ideas and deepen the understanding of the relationship between Jewish identities and activism.

Feminist Theology
Feminist Theology is a peer reviewed journal that does not restrict itself to the work of feminist theologians and thinkers in Britain and Ireland. Feminist Theology aims to give a voice to in matters of theology and religion. Feminist Theology, while academic in its orientation, is deliberately designed to be accessible to a wide range of readers, whether theologically trained or not.

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (JFSR)
The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion is a channel for the publication of feminist scholarship in religion and a forum for discussion and dialogue among women and men of differing feminist perspectives. The JFSR has two communities of accountability: the academy, in which it is situated, and the feminist movement, from which it draws its nourishment and vision. Its editors are committed to rigorous thinking and analysis in the service of the transformation of religious studies as a discipline and the feminist transformation of religious and cultural institutions. Located at the intersection of feminist theory and studies in religion, it welcomes contributions that explore a diversity of feminist theories, practices, cultures, and religions.

Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues
Nashim provides an international, interdisciplinary, and scholarly forum in Jewish women's and gender studies, and is the only one of its kind. It creates communication channels within the Jewish women's and gender studies community and brings forth that community's work to a wider audience. Each thematic issue is produced in consultation with a distinguished feminist scholar, and includes articles on literature, text studies, anthropology, archeology, theology, contemporary thought, sociology, the arts, and more.

Theology & Sexuality
Theology & Sexuality has been the primary vehicle for those undertaking theological studies of sexuality and gender issues. It is an international, peer reviewed journal that also aims to be accessible to those with a non-professional interest in the field such as those engaged in counselling. The themes addressed by the journal include theological constructions of sex and gender, marriage, models of the family, deconstructive and reconstructive approaches to traditional Christian (and other traditions) teaching on sexuality, sexuality and violence and oppression, and the ethics of personal relationships.

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
Women in Judaism is an academic, refereed journal published exclusively on the internet, and devoted to scholarly debate on gender-related issues in Judaism. The ultimate aim of the journal is to promote the reconceptualization of the study of Judaism, by acknowledging and incorporating the roles played by women, and by encouraging the development of alternative research paradigms. Cross-methodological and interdisciplinary, the Journal does not promote a fixed ideology, and welcomes a variety of approaches.

Social Work

Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work
The only scholarly social work journal to address the concerns of social workers and their clients from a feminist viewpoint, Affilia offers a mix of research reports, new theory, and creative approaches to feminist social work practice. This journal is for those interested in a broad range of scholarship, from research reports, empirical articles, commentaries, and opinions to book reviews. News updates, fiction, and poetry are also featured in Affilia.

Technology Studies

Gender, Technology and Development
Gender, Technology and Development is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed journal serving as a forum for exploring the linkages among changing gender relations, technological change and developing societies. The Journal's main focus is on the shifting boundaries and meanings of gender, technology and development, addressing transnational phenomena and engaging in dialogues that cut across geographical boundaries.

Women's Literature

Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature
Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature publishes groundbreaking articles, notes, research, and reviews of literary, historicist, and theoretical work by established and emerging scholars in the field of women's literature and feminist theory. Tulsa Studies has been devoted to the study of both literary and nonliterary texts—any and all works in every language and every historical period produced by women's pens.

Women's Writing
Women's Writing is a fully refereed international journal focusing on women's writing in English from the Middle Ages to the end of the long nineteenth century. The Journal reflects the diversity of scholarship in this important area of study and the editors welcome all critical perspectives; contributions may be close reading of complex texts or historical or theoretical investigations of gender, culture, race and class. The aim of the journal is to bring readers the latest research and open up a forum for dialogue, discussion and debate.

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