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Student Experiences

Hear what our students have to say about their experiences in GenCen programs!

We provide a range of academic and professional opportunities for students interested in gender and sexuality.  Learn about all the ways you can benefit from these programs at MSU.


Recent graduate Makailyn Boughton sits down with GenCen Co-Director Stephanie Nawyn to discuss the Women's and Gender Studies minor, GenCen's Study Abroad program in Amsterdam, and how an education in WGS made her a more attractive job candidate post-graduation.

Co-Director of the GenCen, Dr. Stephanie Nawyn, sits down with Dee Church, an LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies student. Together they discuss the minor, Dee's internship with Equality Michigan, and other advocacy work with the LGBTQ community.

Sara Denbo graduated from MSU in Spring 2017 with dual degrees in Astrophysics and Women's and Gender Studies.  This unique pairing allowed her to find many of the ways gender impacts our everyday lives, and helped to inform her career goals in law and policy-making.


Dubay London.jpgCaitlin Dubay, Women's and Gender Studies minor, on her experience in the Gender, Sex, and Feminism in London program:

"Studying abroad in London was such a great experience and I am forever grateful. During my month in London, I was exposed to a new culture, new experiences and new educational concepts. On my study abroad, I chose to study Women’s Studies 202 as well as an independent study with a London based researcher. My professor, Lucy, was incredibly knowledgeable and taught me more about women’s studies than a textbook ever could. On the study abroad we partook in many events outside of the classroom including the Annual Psychology of Women Conference, Kinky Boots the Musical, and many tours that were fitting to our studies. I would have not been able to experience all of this without my scholarship from the Center For Gender in Global Context as well as my scholarship from Gilman. My advice to students considering studying abroad but lacking the financial means to do so, such as myself, is this: Go. Apply for the scholarships, the money is out there and it's an experience of a life time."

Repp photo.JPGEmma Repp, Women's and Gender Studies minor, on her experience with the minor:

"When I was in high school, I did not consider myself to be a feminist. To be honest, I thought all the feminist stereotypes were true (bra burning, man hating, etc) and did not want anything to do with it, even though I believed in gender equality. It wasn't until I got to MSU that I realized my preconceptions were very wrong. My freshman year, two of my friends were gender studies minors (which I didn't even know existed!) and they always spoke very positively about the classes they took. It didn't take much, but they convinced me to enroll in WS 201 my sophomore year and since then, I have learned so much! My gender-based classes have opened my mind to ideas such as intersectionality and environmental feminism, putting a name on things I saw but couldn't explain. The minor includes a variety of diverse topics and I ended up learning about so much more than gender, which really broadened my perspective on subjects like racism and classism. The minor has also been very practical, as I've applied what I've learned in the classroom to an internship, events I see in the news, and my own life every day. After adding the minor, I feel directed to work in the field of human rights, specifically the rights of women and girls in situations of violence. My educational and career goals are certainly not what they were when I graduated high school, but I couldn't be happier with how they've turned out!"

GenCen Helmet SQUARE AVATAR LARGE.jpgKyla Goolsby, Women's and Gender Studies minor, on her experience with the introductory WS courses:

"I initially chose the WGS Minor because I wanted to end the stigma about women's studies courses by learning the topics that interested me in greater depth. I took WS 201 and WS 202 with Dr. Sarah Prior, one of the best professors I've had the pleasure of knowing at MSU. The best thing the WGS Minor has taught me is that, "your silence will not protect you" (Audre Lorde). Prior to this minor I was hesitant to discuss the complex, intersectional issue of women's rights, however after completing the minor I have developed confidence and passion in my studies, which I may otherwise use as a catalyst to examine gender on a domestic and global scale. The knowledge I have acquired within this minor has been applicable to every arena of life. I personally believe this program should be expanded. Women's Studies 201 should be a prerequisite for graduation at MSU. This course is invaluable and the expansion of its demographic is key for its success."

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