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MSU LGBTQ Resources

Michigan State University has a number of LGBTQ-dedicated resources. Most of them are housed or supported by the LBGT Resource Center, located in Room 302 Student Services Building. Other campus partners are linked at this page. We are linking a selected number of resource items of interest below, and further encourage you to visit the LBGTRC's website and take a look around to see all that they have to offer!

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Gender-Neutral Restroom and Housing

Current All-Gender Restrooms Campus Map: At this link, the LBGT Resource Center maintains a map of the all-gender, accessible restrooms on campus. Red indicates a campus building while green indicates a residence hall. If you click on a particular number, it will give the room number of the restroom.

Designating a temporary All-Gender Restroom: The Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives can be contacted to assist campus partners for temporarily designating a restroom as all-gender/gender-neutral for a specific event.

Gender-Neutral Housing at MSU: Flexible housing allows undergraduate and graduate students to select their roommate without regard to gender. Flexible housing options at University Village and Spartan Village have been expanded to include West McDonel and North Wonders halls (suite-style accommodations). Eligible students can sign up for flexible housing on a limited, opt-in basis only, without regard to gender. In order to be eligible for flexible housing, students must be: *Sophomore status or higher during the school year in question, *Age 18 or older, *Eligible for University housing. Students interested in signing up for flexible housing must contact the Housing Assignments Office at liveon(at) or 1-877-9LIVE-ON(548366).

Housing for Transgender Students at MSU: The Department of Residence Education and Housing Services and the LGBT Resource Center are dedicated to providing safe and comfortable living environments for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. Because of limitations in the available housing options, there is no guarantee that all of a student’s preferences can be met, but we are highly committed to working with the student to find the best accommodations possible. FAQs.

Trans* Support Resources

The LBGT Resource Center maintains a resource page for trans*, gender-variant, and gender questioning people and allies at Michigan State University. The page hopes to gather information and resources related to gender identity and expression for the Spartan community. Last updated January 2017.

MSU Preferred Name/Pronoun Use Policy

The LBGT Resource Center maintains a few resources that explain MSU's policies regarding name changes and preferred name/pronoun use in a centralized/FAQ format, both for students and for faculty/staff:

FAQs for Students

FAQs for Faculty/Staff [pdf]

General FAQ Info Sheet [pdf]

LBGTRC's QuILL: Queer Inclusive Learning and Leading

Formerly known as SafeZone training, QuILL: Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership is a two-part training offered by the LBGT Resource Center. After the completion of both parts of training, participants will receive a certificate of completion that expires after four years of one's initial training. Part One of QuILL is a web course offered through the Office of Regulatory Affairs. Part Two of QuILL is an in-person workshop scheduled with LBGTRC staff members or the MSU Human Resources Department.

Part One Web Course: Foundations of Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership. The QuILL web course is free, self-paced, and available to anyone with a MSUnet ID (email(at) through the Office of Regulatory Affairs at MSU. The web course takes approximately 45-75 minutes to complete. The web course may be used as a stand-alone information tool to compliment coursework, support professional development, or for personal learning. Instructions for accessing and completing the course are available at LBGTRC's QuILL website.

Part Two Workshop: Creating Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership Environments. QuILL Workshops are 2–2.5 hours and include interactive activities, facilitated discussions in which participants will explore the experiences of people who are marginalized by their sexuality and/or gender. Participants will leave the workshop with an action plan to create more inclusive and higher quality learning and leadership environments within their service units, student organizations, and/or classrooms. QuILL Workshops are designed for FUNctional learning! All workshop participants must receive a satisfactory score on the QuILL web course (i.e. 90% or above) before they can attend the workshop. Those who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion suitable for display. The certificate is dated and expires after four years.

You can request a QuILL workshop by completing a form at the website at least three weeks in advance of your preferred workshop date. If you have questions about QuILL workshops for faculty or professional staff members, please contact Dee Hurlbert, Director of the LBGTRC, at hurlber3(at) If you have questions about QuILL workshops for students or residential staff members, please contact Alex C. Lange, Assistant Director of the LBGTRC, at langeal3(at)

LGBTQ Student Organizations

The LBGT Resource Center has compiled a list of LGBTQ* student organizations. If you are interested in starting a new student group, please contact LBGTRC Assistant Director Alex C. Lange at langeal3(at) for assistance.

Student organizations reflect attention to personal and social support, campus and community political action, intersections of LBGT identities with other identities such as, race, ethnicity, nationality, spirituality and academic and professional affiliation. Student organizations at MSU have a complex and lengthy history.

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