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GPID Resource Bulletin

The Gendered Perspectives in International Development (GPID) Resource Bulletin compiles and publishes information on the most recent written, audiovisual, and online resources from the fields of international gender and development studies.

Administrative Note: The Bulletin series was discontinued in 2016 due to lack of Title VI funding for this publication.

Two men wavingThe Bulletin also contains information on scholarships and fellowships, programs of study and training programs, and conferences which support the intellectual and professional development of scholars and practitioners around the world who work in fields related to gender and international development. In addition, each issue of the bulletin contains a book review of a recent publication dealing with the political, economic, and social changes and how such changes affect men and women across the globe. The Bulletin is distributed three times a year and is mailed to numerous libraries, universities, and NGOs, both within the US and internationally.

Bulletins are available in PDF format below, and free hard copies are available by request at gencen(at) if you provide us with your mailing address.

Fall 2015 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2015 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2015 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2014 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2014 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2014 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2013 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2013 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2013 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2012 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2012 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2012 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2011 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2011 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2011 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2010 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2010 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2010 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2009 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2009 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2009 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2008 Bulletin [pdf]

Spring 2008 Bulletin [pdf]
Winter 2008 Bulletin [pdf]
Fall 2007 Bulletin [pdf]

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