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Graduate Specialization in Women's and Gender Studies

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The Graduate Specialization in Women and Gender [pdf] is designed for completion by either Master's or doctoral students. The specialization is designed to foster the study of women and gender across disciplines and national borders, provide opportunities for graduate students to obtain a comprehensive, cross/interdisciplinary academic experience in women and gender, and to foster the growth of interdisciplinary research and teaching on women and gender. Emphasis is given to understanding the diversity of women's lives nationally and globally. The graduate specialization is open to graduate students with adequate undergraduate preparation in women and gender. The specialization should complement advanced, discipline-based degrees by providing an interdisciplinary, feminist component. All students are encouraged to develop competence in the foreign language most relevant to their field of work and area of interest.

Degree Requirements are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Women's Studies Graduate Student Travel Grants

GenCen offers travel grants to support:

  • graduate students who will be delivering papers or other presentations on research related to Women's and Gender Studies at academic conferences; and
  • travel to engage in preliminary exploratory research in advance of writing a dissertation grant proposal. 

 Learn more about student funding >

PhD Graduate Instructors

The Center for Gender in Global Context annually hires advanced PhD graduate students as instructors to teach core courses WS 201, WS 202, and WS 203 in the summer session. These courses can be taught either online or in a conventional classroom setting, with preference given to online courses. Students applying to teach must be doctoral students engaged in some aspect of Women's and Gender Studies, and be advanced to candidacy. Further information can be found on our Student Funding page. 

Gender, Justice and Environmental Change (GJEC)

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Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change (GJEC) is a graduate specialization available as an elective for students who are enrolled in master's and doctoral degree programs at MSU. The specialization is sponsored jointly by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Social Science. This program, first offered in Fall 2000, is the first of its kind in the nation explicitly focusing on the intersection of gender, environmental change, and social and environmental justice. The program is designed in particular to examine these issues and processes from both local and global perspectives, challenging traditional dichotomies between the First and Third Worlds, the North and the South. More information about this program can be found on our GJEC page.

Download a copy of the GJEC brochure here [pdf]

Graduate Specialization in International Development

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In conjunction with the Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID), GenCen offers a Graduate Specialization in International Development, available as an elective for students who are enrolled in master's and doctoral degree programs at MSU. The specialization, administered by the College of Social Science, is designed to:

  • provide an opportunity for graduate students to obtain a comprehensive and contemporary academic experience in the field of international development studies;
  • sensitize graduate students with an interest in development studies to their professional obligations and responsibilities; and
  • develop an intellectual environment that will foster the growth of research and teaching in the area of development studies.

Students may design individualized programs with a focus on gender relations in the areas of health, work, rural development, environment and development, development administrations, nongovernmental organizations in development, and politics of development.

Degree Requirements are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Download a copy of the GSID brochure here [pdf]

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