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Congrats to our Graduates!

Spring 2021 Graduation.png

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Graduates!

On behalf of all our faculty and the staff at the Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen), we want to tell you how proud we are of your accomplishments, and how excited we are to see what you will do next. Each one of you has the intellectual ability and the passionate commitment to transform the world for the better. We hope you will keep in touch, and let us know if there are ways we can continue to support you.

Dr. Stephanie Nawyn, GenCen Co-Director for Academic Programs
Pat Arnold, Undergraduate Advisor


WGS Majors

Rachael Bailey
Darien Battagin
Taylor Belyea
Ashlee Perry
Adrienne Puryear

WGS Minors

Saanya Advani
Lacey Campbell
Jennifer Chupinsky
Annaliese Donahue
Jamie Frisbie
Gabrielle Hornak
Isabel John
Maura Johnson
Abby Langell
Modupe Olatunji
Kaitlyn Pierce
Kendall Robertson
Sydney Ryan
Suthern Schuler
Sara Seid
Megan Slabiak
Abbey Smith
Ariel Smith
Lyndsay Stickley
Jennifer Timotin
Camber Zeisler
Gigi Zhang
Bianca Bucholtz
Sophie Christensen
Gabi Fracassi
Martina Gimenez Moscoso

Tasnim Hussain
Isabelle Jenkins
Illeana Lanese
Brooke Lavelle
Reanna Limmitt
Caitlin Lisee
Lane Luyckx
Annaliese Marks
Megan Nowak
Kiera Perry
Alexa Pierzynski
Nadia Plemons
Jenia Powe
Rosa Razmi
Emma Sharpe
Dallas Sumrall

LGBTQ Minors

Isabella Fatseas
Shuchen Jin
Maura Johnson
Sabrina Kao
Kira Lacombe
Sara Lee
Melissa Malinowski
Dylan Pembroke
Ash Toth
Camber Zeisler
Xander Hazel-Groux
Kaylee Keesler
Adrienne Puryear
Mary Shutty
Jordan Visser


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