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Pride at MSU 2021

toni-reed-UdGgq3ML-Ak-unsplash.jpgMSU, like many other college campuses, celebrates Pride Month in April before the semester is over in order to celebrate with students. Pride Month is seen as a time to recognize the history of the LGBT movement, take stock of the setbacks and advances in the last year, and for the LGBTQIA+ community to come together and celebrate.

About Pride Month

Historic Pride March.pngPride is defined as “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements” and “consciousness of one's own dignity.” In the LBGT community, pride means being proud of yourself and your identities — acting as a positive counterpoint to the attitude of shame historically aimed at LGBT people. Pride promotes self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and visibility of the LBGT community.

Pride Month is typically celebrated in June around the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion on June 28, 1969. The Stonewall Rebellion is considered a pivotal point in LGBT history. At the time, police raids on bars catering to LGBT patrons were common, but that night the Stonewall Inn patrons in New York fought back. This ignited a national wave of activism, bringing new visibility to the LGBT community and the struggle for LBGT equality.

Today, pride is celebrated in many different ways around the country and the world, emblematic of the diversity of the LBGT community. These celebrations are also often coupled with action, recognizing that the LGBT community continues to face violence and discrimination and that the fight for LBGT rights is far from over. Pride at MSU celebrates our university’s LGBT community and provides spaces for LGBT students, staff, faculty, and community members to be themselves. It also includes events and spaces to reflect on and act in the fight for LGBT rights on and off campus.

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Design Thinking with Dr. Heather McCauley

Online Event, Hosted by the LBGT Resource Center & Dr. Heather McCauley
Date: April 6, 5:30 pm ET
Join this participatory workshop for LGBTQA+ students at MSU to radically reimagine what a truly equitable and inclusive MSU community could be like for LGBTQA+ people.
Registration Link

LGBTQ+ Sexual Violence and Trauma: Dispelling and Disrupting Sexual Violence Rhetoric and Myths

Online Event, Hosted by the LBGT Resource Center
Date: April 8, 4:00-5:30pm ET
Registration Link

MSU's LGBTQA+ History

Online Event, Hosted by the LBGT Resource Center & Quinn Harrison
Date: April 12, 3:00pm ET
LBGTRC Student assistant Quinn Harrison (he/they) will talk about their research on the history of the LBGTRC at MSU, and on queer and trans history at MSU in general.
Registration Link

Pride Chat: Queer IntersectionaliTEA

Date: April 13, 6:30pm ET
Online Event, Hosted by the LBGT Resource Center
Join the LBGTRC grad students for a meaningful conversation about the leading student development theories and how they represent, or lack thereof, a LGBTQA+ inclusive understanding of intersectionality, and how we can create more inclusive, intentional learning environments for queer and trans students.
Registration Link

(Re)Considering Gender

Date: April 20th 2021 at 6pm
Online Event, Hosted by the LBGT Resource Center
Join Oprah Jrenal (she/her), the Assistant Director for the LBGTRC, for a dive into the gender binary, transgender allyship, and socialization. Oprah invites all to explore what they need to unlearn about gender so they can truly embrace how nuanced and dynamic we can all be
Registration Link

Additional Resources

The Trevor Project — Resources

The Trevor Project is is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. This page provides resources for LBGTQ+ youth and allies on topics from anxiety during the pandemic to suicide prevention to coming out.

Quest: Building Capacity for LGBTQA+ Inclusion

Quest is the LBGT Resource Center’s core curriculum and is designed to encourage the growth and development of ally skills and practices over time. Quest I: Foundations - Introduction to LGBTQA+ Identities and Inclusion Online is currently available as a six-module web-course through D2L for MSU . Learn more about the Quest Program and how to enroll on the LBGTRC Website.

LBGT Resource Center Glossary

This page provides carefully researched and thoughtfully discussed definitions of key gender and sexuality terms. Language around identities and gender and sexuality is important and understanding evolving definitions and terms is one piece of that.

Pride Flags 101: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Gay, Trans, and Other Pride Flags

You may be able to recognize some pride flags, but did you know that there are dozens? This article explores the history of pride flags and their meanings.

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