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Faculty Fellows Program

GenCen Faculty Fellows Program

DSC_0006.JPGGenCen Faculty Fellows will teach Women’s and Gender Studies (WS) courses, and receive support for their scholarship in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies. Faculty from the College of Arts and Letters (tenure-stream and fixed-term), the College of Social Science (tenure-stream only), and the Department of Teacher Education (tenure-stream only) are eligible to apply for the fellows program. Fellows will teach one course per year for a three-year commitment, and will receive $3,000 annually for their research and scholarship ($2,000 provided by the GenCen and $1,000 from their home college). The GenCen will work with the fellows’ home departments to ensure that the teaching, research, and service that the Fellows do for the GenCen is included and valued in their annual reviews. Fellows are also invited to join the Faculty Fellows Learning Community, where they can share their work, discuss collaborations with other GenCen-affiliated faculty, and receive grant writing consultation.

Faculty interested in applying to the GenCen Faculty Fellows Program should submit the following materials:

  • Cover letter explaining their interest in teaching Women’s and Gender Studies courses, including the specific course(s) they would like to teach
  • Current CV
  • Sample syllabus
  • Statement (short letter or email) from their home department chair indicating support for the faculty member to be a GenCen Fellow (departments can be compensated by their college dean; details are available from the GenCen Co-Director of Academic Programs)

Applications should be submitted via email at gencen(at) Typically the deadline for the Faculty Fellows Program is the 1st of February each year; however, please contact us to get the latest update in the process.

The courses available for teaching are:

WS 201 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies:
Foundational knowledge, theories, methods in women's and gender studies and of women's experience historically and across the globe.

WS 202 Introduction to Contemporary Feminisms and Gender Theories:
Theories of feminism and gender from a variety of intellectual, political, cultural, religious, sexual, racial, ethnic, national, and global perspectives.

WS 203 Introduction to Methods for Women's and Gender Studies Research:
Interdisciplinary research methods for global women's and gender studies.

WS 301 Violence Against Women:
Sexual violence against women and children from theoretical and applied perspectives. Rape, battering, incest and sexual harassment. Intersection of race, class, gender and violence. Individual and collective strategies to prevent or deter assault, race, class, gender and violence.

WS 304 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and Sexuality:
Interdisciplinary study of the history, politics, theories, science, cultures, and communities of lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, and intersex people including a global perspective.

WS 403 Women and Change in Developing Countries:
Effects of economic, political, and social change on women in developing countries. Interrelationships of gender, class, race, and nationality.

WS 404 Women and the Law in the United States:
Law in the United States as a vehicle for structuring and maintaining women's social roles, and for social change.

WS 424 Seminar in Queer Studies (proposed):
Advanced topics in queer studies. In-depth analysis of major topics and developments in queer studies, queer theory, or related interdisciplinary studies in sexuality.

WS 491 Special Topics:
In-depth study of special topic emphasizing women and gender.

WS 492 Advanced Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies:
Guided advanced reading, research, and writing in topics in global gender and women's studies.

A PDF of this information can be found here.

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