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Faculty Accomplishments


Congrats to the 2020 All-University Award recipients! There are several GenCen affiliated faculty who were recognized for their achievements and dedication to MSU. Join us in congratulating them!

Amy DeRogatis - William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awardee
Stephen Esquith - William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awardee
Merry Morash - William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awardee
Robert Roznowski - William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awardee
Felicia Wu - William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awardee

John Aerni-Flessner - Teacher-Scholar Awardee

Kyle Whyte - Community Engagement Scholarship Awardee

In May 2019, Dr. Laura Apol of the Department of Teacher Education was named Lansing's Poet Laureate! In the role, Apol will work to promote poetry as an art form, expand access to literary arts and connect the community to poetry. 


Dr. Farha Abbasi and Emily Paulsen prepared a report for the American Psychiatric Association on "Working with Muslim Patients." 

Dr. stef shuster published an essay in Contemporary Sociology which was highlighted by the American Sociological Association's January newsletter. The essay, entitled "Carving Out a Niche or Finding a Place at the Table? The Sociology of Transgender Studies," discusses the lack of disciplinary boundaries, methodological strategies and consensus on the definition of "transgender." 

Dr. Ning Hsieh and Dr. Hui Liu published a paper in Demography, a top sociology journal in September 2019. The paper is titled "Bisexuality, Union Status, and Gender Composition of the Couple: Reexamining Marital Advantage in Health." 

Dr. Meredith L. Gore published a book in May 2017 titled "Conservation Criminology."

This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding of the various human and organizational behaviors that pose risks to the environment, humans, and drive conservation crime. As human population growth, global market economies, climate change, deforestation, and illegal exploitation of natural resources continue to increase, academic research from numerous disciplines is needed to address these challenges.


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