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The Center for Gender in Global Context currently has more than 275 affiliated faculty members from throughout MSU's campus, across 17 colleges and more than 65 departments and offices.

The GenCen Faculty Directory can be sorted by Name, College, Department, and GenCen Affiliation. Affiliates can be Core, Consulting, GJEC, or GDG Faculty (some members may be both GJEC/GDG and Core or Consulting). Click here to jump to a short description of our Faculty Affiliations.

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Sheng-Mei Ma

College: Arts and Letters
Department: English
Affiliation: Consulting
Program: GDG
Email: mash(at)

Facetiously dubbing himself Made in Taiwan for the U.S.A., Sheng-Mei Ma is a Chinese who has never stayed in China longer than one month in each visit, a Taiwanese who cannot speak the Taiwanese dialect, and an American whom mainstream Americans may view as perennially alien. A classic Asian Diasporic, Ma is Taiwanese to Chinese, waishen ren (mainlander) to Taiwanese, and perhaps Oriental to his fellow Americans. This background accounts for his specialization in Asian Diaspora/Asian American studies and East-West comparative studies, as well as for his persistent analysis of cultural marginality in five scholarly books in English to date: Diaspora Literature and Visual Culture: Asia in Flight (Routledge); Asian Diaspora and East-West Modernity (Purdue University Press); East-West Montage: Reflections on Asian Bodies in Diaspora (University of Hawaii Press);The Deathly Embrace: Orientalism and Asian American Identity (University of Minnesota Press, supported by the Rockerfeller Fellowship); and Immigrant Subjectivities in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures (State University of New York Press). In addition to these works, he has published the following: a collection of his Chinese poetry, Sanshi zuoyou (Thirty, Left and Right), Chenmo de shanhen (Silent Scars: History of Sexual Slavery by the Japanese Military A Pictorial Book, bilingual edition), and numerous articles and book chapters. His current book project continues this trajectory in the study of Diaspora manifested in literature, film, and global culture.

What do our Faculty Affiliations Mean?

Core Faculty have a strong continuing professional focus on issues of women and gender in domestic, international, or global contexts, as demonstrated through research and teaching or other achievements. The Core Faculty supports the activities of GenCen and assists in developing and implementing its programs and activities, and are also eligible to serve on the GenCen Advisory Committee.

Consulting Faculty, while having a professional interest in issues of women and gender in domestic, international, or global contexts and activities of the GenCen, usually do not have these interests as the main focus of their research. 

GDG (Gender, Development and Globalization) Faculty will also be either Core or Consulting Faculty and have specific expertise and interest in gender and international development.

GJEC (Gender, Justice and Environmental Change) Faculty may also be either Core or Consulting Faculty, though that is not a requirement. GJEC Faculty are dedicated to teaching and scholarship related to intersections of gender, environmental change, and social and environmental justice; examining these issues from both local and global perspectives.

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