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Strategic Partnership Grants

Strategic Partnership Funding Opportunities

The Provost and the Dean of ISP have made available funds to develop long-term international strategic partnerships with universities and institutions of higher education and research abroad.

These grants serve as seed funding likely to lead to:

  • Potential competitive external grants through collaborations and expansion of the proposed research project.
  • Strong international outreach or academic research collaboration outcomes that are centered around MSU and ISP's vision of DEI values.

GenCen typically awards strategic partnerships grants in these priority areas:

  1. Gender, Justice & Environmental Change (Gender and Agriculture/Environment)
  2. Gender-Based Violence
  3. Gender and Development
  4. LGBTQ Scholarship and Outreach
  5. Intersectionality and Diversity


Eligibility Requirements and Application Guidelines at a Glance: 

  1. Typical project funding awarded is between $2000-$5000. The partnerships should involve more than one department and/or college at MSU. A 20% match is required from the applicant/s unit and/college.
  2. To apply, send a 250-word abstract, a 5-page project description (double spaced; 12 point font), and a detailed budget with justification. Include a CV from each relevant applicant (maximum 5 pages), and IRB letter of approval, if relevant. See "Proposal requirements for forms and PDFs" in the drop-down menu.
  3. One or more applicant(s) must be affiliated with GenCen.
  4. Previous successful applicants for the SPG grant from GenCen can apply for a new grant 2 years after the completion of the previous grant. Include a brief summary of activities from the previous grant with the application.
  5. Funding is typically used for international travel for pilot research, to set up research teams at the research site, meet potential collaborators, hire RAs and/or for international collaborators to travel to MSU.
  6. All applications will go through rigorous peer review with a small team of experts affiliated with GenCen.


Application Deadlines:

GenCen offers two cycles of SPG funding in the academic year:

  • September 15, with a deadline to fully spend the funds by January 15 of the current academic year. Funding decisions will be made by October 1.
  • January 15, with a deadline to fully spend the funds by May 30 of the current academic year. Funding decisions will be made by January 30.


Do you have any questions? Email chaudh30(at) and ISP.GenCen.Research(at)


Partnership Activities

The partnerships should center on collaborative research between at least two departments at MSU and partnering institutions. Funds may be granted for activities including research proposal development, related travel and preliminary research activities that build capacity at partnering institutions around the GenCen-identified areas mentioned above. They should ultimately lead to potential long-term research and other collaborations between MSU and the partner institution. Funding may be granted for continued support to develop these partnerships depending on the outcomes of the initial grant.

Partnership Funding

Strategic Partnership funds will provide partial support of travel and/ research costs, both for MSU faculty and for their partners coming from abroad. The applicant faculty members' colleges and/or departments will be expected to contribute to the costs of this travel to ensure that the commitment to long-term partnering is shared by these units. A 20% match by a department or college is required. Strategic Partnership funding is not intended to support the travel of Center or Office Directors; self-recommendations from individuals involved in the application are strongly discouraged. The awards should ultimately result in the development and submission of a collaborative research proposal (including MSU and partner institution faculty) for external funding.

Proposal Requirements

Proposal Requirements

  1. Completed application (PDF)
  2. 250 words abstract; project description (5 pages maximum; 12 point font, double spaced)
  3. CV of applicants (maximum 5 pages)
  4. IRB letter of approval (if relevant)
  5. Written letter of support from the applicants' deans or department chairpersons committing to a minimum of 20% matching funds
  6. Proposed detailed budget with justification
  7. Brief summary of activities from previous successful GenCen SPG grants (if relevant).

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