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GPID/WID Working Papers (2000-Present)

PDF versions of GPID/WID Working Papers are available by clicking on the Working Paper's Number. An abstract is available by clicking on the Working Paper's Title. PDFs open in a new tab or window.



Perera, VerĂ³nica. Body and Emotions in the Making of Latin American Feminisms 21 pp. (2012)
Kwiatkowski, Lynn. Prolonging Suffering: Domestic Violence, Political Economy, and the State in Northern Vietnam 29 pp. (2011)
Brickner, Rachel K. Why Bother with the State?: Transnational Activism, Local Activism, and Lessons for a Women Workers' Movement in Mexico 21 pp. (2010)


Parpart, Jane Choosing Silence: Rethinking Voice, Agency, and Womens Empowerment; Kabeer, Naila Voice, Agency and the Sounds of Silence: A Comment on Jane L. Parparts Paper 24 pp. (2010)


Deere, Carmen Diana, Gina E. Alvarado, and Jennifer Twyman Poverty, Headship, and Gender Inequality in Asset Ownership in Latin America 31 pp. (2010)


Grabe, Shelly and Carlos Arenas Promoting Gender Equality Through Development: Land Ownership and Domestic Violence in Nicaragua 30 pp. (2009)


Wambura Ngunjiri, Faith Servant-Leadership and Motherhood: Kenyan Women Finding Fulfillment in Serving Humanity 30 pp. (2009)


Elizalde, Silvia Institutional Violence and Sexual Panic Directed at Poor Young Women and Trans Persons in Buenos Aires 19 pp. (2008)


Tabbush, Constanza Contesting Gender Narratives in Development Policies: Women and Conditional Cash Transfers in Argentina 35 pp. (2008)


Rinaldo, Rachel Pious Islam and Women's Activism in India 20 pp. (2008)


Menjivar, Cecilia Violence and Women's Lives in Eastern Guatemala: A Conceptual Framework 26 pp. (2008)


Meyer, Lisa B. International Trade Liberalization and Gender Wage Inequality: A Cross-National Analysis 1975-1998 28 pp. (2007)


Viterna, Jocelyn et al. Development, Democracy, and Women's Legislative Representation: Re-Visiting Existing Explanations of Gender Variations in the World's Parliaments 21 pp. (2007)


Walker, Michael Madison Women, Water Policy, and Reform: Global Discourses and Local Realities in Zimbabwe 17 pp. (2006)


Schuler, Sidney Ruth et al. Health and Development Policies and the Emerging "Smart Woman" in Rural Bangladesh: Local Perceptions 20 pp. (2006)


Sengupta, Manisha and Nan E. Johnson Does Educational Superiority Autonomize Daughers-in-Law Who Live With Their Mothers-in-Law in India? A Test of Caldwell's Thesis 18 pp. (2006)


Browner, C.H. Some Unexpected Consequences of Implementing Gender "Neutral" Reproductive Programs and Policies 12 pp. (2005)


de Bessa, Gina Hunter Between "Modern Women" and "Woman-Mothers": Reproduction and Gender Identity among Low-Income Brazilian Women 26 pp. (2004)


Sev'er, Aysan and Rustem Erkan The Dark Faces of Poverty, Patriarchal Oppression, and Social Change: Female Suicides in Batman, Turkey 23 pp. (2004)


Dedeoglu, Saniye Working for Family: The Role of Women's Informal Labor in the Survival of Family-Owned Garment Ateliers in Istanbul, Turkey 23 pp. (2004)


Gazel, Jeanne & Pat Naidoo Striking the Rock with Impunity: The Consequences of Gendered Practices in 21st Century Sub-Saharan Africa 28 pp. (2004)


Møllmann, Marianne Who Can Be Held Responsible for the Consequences of Aid and Loan Conditionalities? The Global Gag Rule in Peru and its Criminal Consequences 37 pp. (2004)


Howell, Jayne Economic and Social Obligations of Women Street Prostitutes in Southern Mexico 31 pp. (2003)


An Anthology by Students of Margery Wolf Who's Afraid of Margery Wolf: Tributes and Perspectives on Anthropology, Feminism and Writing Ethnography 76 pp. (2003)


Bergstrom, Kari Legacies of Colonialism and Islam for Hausa Women: An Historical Analysis, 1804 to 1960 22 pp. (2002)


Weikun Cheng The Use of "Public" Women: Commercialized Performance, Nation-Building, and Actresses' Strategies in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing 30 pp. (2002)


Mason, Christine Gender, Nationalism and Revolution: Re-Assessing Women's Relationship with the Eritrean Liberation Front 20 pp. (2001)


Urban, Jessica LeAnn Constructing Blame: Overpopulation, Environmental Security and International Relations 70 pp. (2001)


Jiang, Hong Feminine or (Un)feminine: Struggles Over the Meanings of Femininity in Chinese Women's Literature 33 pp. (2001)


Markowitz, Lisa The Precarious Balance of "Scaling Up": Women's Organizations in the Americas 22 pp. (2001)


Cruz-Torres, Maria L. The Dynamics of Natural Resource Degradation: Rural Households and Women's Strategies for Survival in Northwestern Mexico 35 pp. (2000)


Heemskerk, Marieke Gender and Gold Mining: The Case of the Maroons of Suriname 48 pp. (2000)