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The GPID Forum series found below features short reports that describe research projects and development programs, and reviews current policy issues.

 XXVII Berry, Nicole Incorporating Cultural Diversity into Health Systems: An Example of Midwives Teaching Midwives 9pp. 2005
XXVI Ufomata, Titi Traditional Survival Strategies: Story of the Female Husband 15pp. 2001
XXV Colverson, Kathleen Earl Women's Recommendations for Agricultural Programming: A Participatory Study of Honduras 17pp. 1999
XXIV Picard, Mary Gender Issues in Donor-Funded Democracy Programs 24pp. 1997
XXIII Lockert, Lucia Grass-Roots Feminist Organizations in Lima, Peru 17pp. 1993
XXII Azikiwe, Uche Barriers to Effective Integration of Nigerian Rural Women in Development 20pp. 1990
XXI Azikiwe, Uche Appropriate Technology for National Development: A Case for Rural Women in Nigeria 11pp. 1990
XX Lindsey, Linda L. The Health Status of Afghan Refugees: Focus on Women 10pp. 1990
XIX Behar, Ruth The Wrath of a Woman: A Mexican Life History 11pp. 1990
XVIII Longwe, Sara Hlupekile Toward a Strategy for Increasing Women's Participation in Economic Development 10pp. 1990
XVII Maurer, Bill Symbolic Sexuality and Economic Work: The Meanings ofGender and Eroticism in Dominica, West Indies 11pp. 1990
XVI Wolff, James, Sylvia and Ben Hanafi To Integrate or Not to Integrate: Is That the Question? The Francophone Experience in Integrating Family Planning with Maternal and Child Health 10pp. 1990
XV Kerns, Roshni Rustomji The Reconstruction of Tradition: Women in Anita Desai's Novels 14pp. 1989
XIV Heise, Lori Crimes of Gender 16pp. 1989
XIII Kannappan, Subbiah Salaam Bombay, Salaam Sugao 11pp. 1989
XII Gugler, Josef Women Stay on the Farm No More: Changing Patterns of Rural-Urban Migration in Subsaharan Africa 10pp. 1989
XI Weismantel, Mary J. Unwillingly Given, Ungratefully Received: An Ethnography of the "Leche Avena" Program in Zumbagua Parish, Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador 6pp. 1987
X Texler Segal, Marcia Land and Labor: A Comparison of Female- and Male-Headed Households in Malawi's Small-holder Sector 23pp. 1986
IX Myers, Robert A. Female and Male Perceptions of Female Genital Operations in Six Southern Nigerian Ethnic Groups 22pp. 1986
VIII Dasgupta, Shamita Das "All That Glitters ...: An Assessment of Feminist Consciousness in Hindi Films 12pp. 1986
VII Due, Jean M. and Marcia White Female-Headed Farm Households in Zambia: Further Evidence of Poverty 10pp. 1986
VI Smith, Karl A. The Role of the International Development Research Centre in Canada's International Health Activities 9pp. 1986
V Gallin, Rita S., Patricia Whittier, and Margaret A. Graham Research and Policy: An Analysis of the Working Papers on Women in International Development 16pp. 1985
IV Bald, Suresht P. Integrating Women in U.S. Funded Activities: A Case Study of Rural Public Health in India 9pp. 1985
III Mulhern, Chieko Japanese TV Drama By, For, and About Women 6pp. 1985
II Tinker, Anne G. U.S.A.I.D.'s Health Sector Strategy 6pp. 1984
I Frankel, Daniel G. and Dorit Roer-Bornstein Modernization: A Case Study of the Interaction of Setting, Custom, and Ideology 5pp. 1984

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