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Pursuing Women's Equality in Africa - WGS Major featured in CAL Dean's Report

GenCen is proud to see WGS major and MasterCard Scholar Naomi Kamitha featured in the 2017 CAL Dean's Report!


CAL_DR17_kamitha_outdoor1.jpgNaomi Kamitha has traveled thousands of miles from home to come to Michigan State University where she is an Honors College student majoring in Women's and Gender Studies in the hopes of one day returning to her home continent to advocate for gender-inclusive policies.
"I wanted to do something that would give me satisfaction, something I would be comfortable doing for a long time," Kamitha said. "When I saw Women's and Gender Studies, I thought, 'hmmm...' I enjoy talking about girls' rights, sexuality, women's health and gender equality and having an opportunity to study and go into depth with that was a big attraction.
"I want to work with women in developing countries, specifically Africa, in developing policies and being part of making policies that are gender-inclusive and ensuring that women in Africa have a voice," Kamitha said. "I also want to do research so that the history, and the voices, and the activities of African women are documented and have a part in history."

You can read the full Dean's Report here, and learn more about the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program here.  GenCen takes part in this initiative largely through the work of Interim Co-Director Amy Jamison, who continues to focus her efforts in the areas of women and higher education.    


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