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GLUNA's Dine & Connect & Donate

GLUNA will be holding its third annual Peace Quest from September 17-24, 2017, but you can get involved and extend your support now by taking part in Dine & Connect & Donate through June 24.
For specific information and to sign up, visit

Dine&Connect&Donate is a new meal sharing platform that is not for profit and designed for 100% social cause. It's a platform where amateur but talented chefs host meals at their homes for charitable fundraising purposes. 50% of the proceedings go to the host's choice of charity, and the other 50% goes to the guest's choice. Thus both the host and the guests enjoy a great meal, and engage in great conversations while helping their favorite social cause.

This platform has two simultaneous goals:
1. Connect people by allowing them to share the same meal and engage in friendly conversations on culture, religion, hobbies, social issues, global problems, our similarities and differences.
2. Make charitable fundraising fun and interesting.

Experiencing new cultures, meeting old friends, making new ones, spending quality time, learning new things, sharing your thoughts and feelings are some of the intended outcomes of Dine & Connect & Donate.

GLUNA decided to launch this new initiative in the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan to continue an already existing tradition of hosting guests at homes. Moreover, Ramadan is the month of generosity and improving community relation in the Islamic faith, which is well aligned with the mission of Dine & Connect & Donate.

In this trial run, our hosts will select one of the following 501-c3 charities as beneficiaries of their share of the proceedings:

Alternatives for Girls
Africa Water Well Project (through Embrace Relief)
Greater Lansing Food Bank
Peace Quest (through Greater Lansing United Nations Association)
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Our guests can choose any 501-c3 charitable organization (religious congregation, charities, cultural centers, etc.) as beneficiary, including the ones above.

Due to late sunset time during the summer, these programs will start at 8:45pm and meal will be served at sunset.


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